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    The biggest obstacle in the process of selling a property is the presentation of the property.

    Imagination and reality do not always travel together, which is why sellers should be able to help the customer in seeing the potential of a house, a villa, an apartment or the like.

    In recent months, the D_Studio’s team has developed an innovative and high-tech service, thanks to the use of drones, 3D animations, photorealistic renderings and creativity.

    And it is precisely from teamwork that Visual Business Solution was born, the answer to all sellers who want to improve their sales process and present themselves to the market with an effective solution!

    Do you want to speed up the sale of a property by enhancing the property and minimizing time and costs?

    There is a method to present your business through innovative and cutting-edge image technologies inserted into video mounted with real drone shooting.

    Design of floor plans


    3D Animazione

    360° Photos

    Video shooting and real images by drones

    An innovative, creative, effective and fast solution
    • Let’s show what has not yet been realized
    • We present what has not yet been created
    • We develop technologically advanced and effective solutions for discover the potential of the project and promote the business